Hey there! I’m Bear! 🐾

 With a name like Bear, you can bet I’m as cuddly as they come! I was born on 4/21/24 and have been growing and exploring the world with boundless curiosity. My soft fur and playful nature make me the perfect companion for anyone looking for a loyal friend. I love to play, explore, and snuggle up for some quality nap time. I’m almost ready to move to my forever home, and I’m excited to find a family that loves adventures and cuddles as much as I do! 💕 #BearThePup #AdventurousSpirit #CuddleBear #ForeverFriend

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If you’re interested in welcoming Bear into your home, please reach out to us at Frenchie Acres. We’d love to tell you more about him and arrange a meet-and-greet.

Bear, Our Handsome Fluffy Frenchie!

🌟🐾Born on April 21, 2024, Bear is now 5 weeks old and thriving beautifully at Frenchie Acres. This charming boy is ready to embark on his next great adventure with his furever family. 🏡❤️

Milestones Achieved

At 5 weeks old, Bear has reached several important milestones:

  1. Socialization: Bear is becoming more curious and playful, engaging in fun interactions with his littermates and humans alike. He’s learning the basics of social play and manners.
  2. Independence: Starting to explore his environment independently, Bear is showing a healthy level of curiosity and confidence.
  3. Early Training: He’s beginning to understand simple commands and routines, making him a quick learner and eager to please.

Bear’s Unique Traits

  • Coat Color: Bear has a stunning black/brown and tan coat with a possible saddle tan pattern. His dark areas are rich and deep, with no merle or harlequin patterns.
  • Coat Texture: Likely to have a long, straight coat that sheds lightly, making him a perfect cuddle buddy.
  • Personality: Bear is a sweet, affectionate pup with a playful spirit. His muzzle and normal-length tail add to his classic Frenchie charm.

Ready for His New Home

Bear’s go-home puppy basket is packed and ready! It’s filled with some essentials and a few extra goodies to help him settle into his new home. He’s excited to meet his new family and start this new chapter filled with love, play, and endless cuddles.

We can’t wait to see Bear flourish with his furever family. Could that be you?

Contact Us

If you’re interested in welcoming Bear into your home, please reach out to us at Frenchie Acres. We’d love to tell you more about him and arrange a meet-and-greet.

🐾🌟 Bear’s Three-Week Milestone Update: Playtime, Teething, and Independence! 🌟🐾

We’re excited to share Bear’s progress at three weeks old, as he embarks on new adventures of playtime, teething, and independence! 🎉🐶 While starting to explore his surroundings and engage with toys, Bear is also bravely navigating the teething phase with gusto. Additionally, he’s showing signs of independence as he begins the gradual process of weaning from mommy. 🌟💫 Join us as we witness Bear’s playful spirit shine brighter each day and celebrate these precious milestones! #BearAdventures #ThreeWeeksOld #PlaytimeFun #TeethingTroubles #GrowingIndependence


Our cuddly teddy bear, Bear, has just opened his eyes and embarked on his adorable journey of discovery! 🌟 With each gentle step, he’s spreading love and warmth wherever he goes. Join us as we cuddle up with Bear and create unforgettable memories together! 🐾💕

About Bear

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bear, an extraordinary French Bulldog with a captivating personality! Born on April 21, 2024, Bear is not your average Frenchie – he’s a striking black and tan visual fluffy male, destined to steal your heart with his charm and fluffiness. As part of the Frenchie Acres family, Bear embodies the essence of love, loyalty, and companionship, making him the perfect addition to any loving home. ❤️ 

With his endearing personality and adorable appearance, Bear is sure to bring endless joy and happiness to your life. Whether he’s chasing after toys, lounging in the sun, or curling up for a cozy nap, Bear’s presence is sure to brighten even the darkest of days.

Don’t miss your chance to welcome Bear into your home and experience the love and laughter he brings with him. Contact Frenchie Acres today to learn more about adopting Bear and making him a cherished member of your family!

Frenchie Acres Bear DNA TRait

Video and home visits can be arranged.

Bear will come home to you dewormed, vet-approved, 1-year health guarantee, and up-to-date vaccinations. AKC registration forms at 6 months.

  • AKC Black and Tan Fluffy Male
  • Born on 4/21/2024
  • Predicted Adult Weight: 33
  • Price: 3,800
  • All pet purchases require spaying/neuter
  • Non-refundable deposit to hold: $500

**Full registration is available to approved homes at an additional price.*

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