If you have been longing to get your little Frenchie home and just can’t wait anymore, we have an option for you – reserve a puppy from a future litter!

Now, if you’re wondering how you can reserve your puppy in advance, let’s run you through the process:

How Can You Reserve a Puppy From an Upcoming Litter?

Placing a deposit is the best way to secure your chances of getting a puppy home as soon as possible. You can pay us a non-refundable deposit, in the amount of $500 that you can pay via cash, Vemno, or Paypal. 

You can pay the deposit before the birth of the puppies or immediately after their birth as well.

Things to Keep in Mind While Reserving a Puppy

When you reserve a puppy, you get a preference over others on the waiting list. We allow people to pick puppies in the order of deposits received. This doesn’t in any way mean that you would be forced to pick a puppy when your turn arrives – you can always pass your turn, allowing the next person in line to make their pick while you wait for the next litter. Instead, we’d shift you to the top of the updated waiting list for the next litter so that you find a puppy that matches your requirements.

When To Reserve

Once we complete the breeding process, we will be open to taking puppy pick deposits. Reach out to us with your puppy specifications and pay the deposit amount to book your spot at the top of the waiting list right away.  

Time Limit to Choose

We typically capture photos of our little puppies within a week of their birth, after which we put out an announcement that the puppies are ready to be picked. Usually, we hold the puppies for 8-10 weeks, during which we have a mandatory wellness check with the vet. Once the puppies are certified fit, you are free to take them home. During this period, we’ll keep you posted about your pet’s adventures via pictures, video calls, and texts.

So if you’re on the list, do ensure to pick the selected puppy within 4 days. In case of any delays from your end, we’d have to skip you and allow the person next in line to pick the puppy instead. Considering our lengthy waiting list, we advise you to pick your puppy well within time so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Transferable Deposit

Even though the deposit amount is non-refundable, we offer the option of transferring it to any other litters coming up in the next 12 months. In this way, if you have specific requirements for a puppy and it is not available in the current litter, you can always apply your deposit to the next litter.

Issues To Consider

If you aren’t really comfortable picking up your pup based on the information we provide (parents, colors, gender, markings), it is advisable not to place a deposit before birth. The temperament of puppies changes over time, and we cannot assure you of the personality type of any puppy. You can choose to reserve the puppies only if you are comfortable with –

  • The Frenchies breed as a whole

  • Choose a puppy as an infant